Welcom3 to the Villag3


Sudden Migration

Lost Soul (FREE)

Back to the Future

0pp0rtunity iz Timeless

All Instrumentals are .wav & Tracked Out! Once you make payment for the track, you can use it however you would like a distribute it however, as long as you credit me for production (prod. ProzArt BachMan). If you would like exclusive rights of an instrumental, you can email me and we can negotiate. It wont be much more than normal price!

Uncontrollable (FREE)

Vibin 2 Visuals (Solo)(Free)

Never Ending Sky

Detonation (FREE)

Peace Festival (FREE)

Bermuda Circle (FREE)

Holy Moly (FREE)

Coming to American Dreams

Vibin 2 Visuals (FREE)

Sounds Coming From The Village (PlayList)

Art of Dying

On My Job (FREE)

Staring at Shadows

Young Man Rumble

Mind Body


  • Vrt 0f Dy1ng0:00
  • $tvring vt $hvd0ws0:00
  • C0m1ng 2 Vm3ricvn Dr3vm$0:00
  • $udd3n Migrvt10n0:00
  • N3v3r 3nding $ky0:00
  • 8ermuda Circ130:00
  • 8vck 2 the Futur30:00
  • Y0ung Mvn Rumb130:00
  • B1vckH0130:00
  • Pevc3 F3$tiva10:00
  • Unc0tr011abl30:00
  • Vibin 2 Visual$0:00
  • Det0nati0n0:00
  • H01y M01y0:00
  • 0n My J080:00
  • L0$t $0u10:00
  • Vibin 2 Visua1$ (solo)6:36
  • M1nd 80dy $0u10:00